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About AirDeska

PEOPLE: How often have you set up your workspace in a local coffee shop and then felt guilty after two hours that you have only ordered a cup of coffee from them? 

Now, with AirDeska, you can support the cafe and know that they are happy to have you there.

PLACES: How often, as the owner of the coffee shop, have you wished that your customers would not get their laptops out and use you as a workspace, while ordering one cup of Coffee?

AirDeska is an affordable membership 'club' that puts People and Places together and allows great things to happen. Work in an environment that suits you and helps you work at your best.

By becoming a member and adding your profile to the AirDeska site, you have the opportunity to 'meet-up' with others who love to work like you and forge some helpful connections.

See more on Membership options HERE



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