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Your venue here

About the Venue:

The benefits of listing your venue on the AirDeska site are that you can welcome the nomadic workers to spend time in your venue and create a great working relationship with them.

You set the 'rules' as to how your venue can be used as a work space and the venue is listed on the site and soon the upcoming app, so that AirDeska members can find you.

Each month, for a small extra fee, we are offering a SHOUTOUT for your venue where you will be listed on the front page and showcased to more people.

AirDeska Member Offers:

You can 'design your own' package of offers for AirDeska People, which could include :-

Dedicated seating areas.
Pre-booking a table to work at.
Access to fast wifi.
Offers of free drink top-up.
Discounts off menus.

Your venue here
Your venue here

Where are we:

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