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About AirDeska

AirDeska connects the mobile business community with venues and co-working spaces, that are welcoming to the modern laptop worker...... People and Places.


Ever find yourself looking for a friendly venue open to you working there for an hour or two or even a few days? Become a member of AirDeska and find the venues that are listed, where you will be made welcome, given top up coffee or even a bowl of soup, piece of cake or a sandwich, depending on what the venue's offers are for AirDeska Members. 

As a member of AirDeska you can manage your Member Profile and connect with other PEOPLE as well as join the various groups on the site that help you to network with others and build work based support.... MORE


If you are an AirDeska PLACE, you have the ability to set up how you would like to work with the AirDeska community and welcome laptop workers to your venue.  By listing yourself here on the AirDeska site, your venue will be able to be found and workers will know that they are welcome to work with you for a few hours or longer .... MORE


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1 Mill Street

 Co- Working space Leamington Spa

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